Training Center

This part of our web site exist to help you grow and mature in your faith. The first step begins with membership. Our membership series is designed to cast vision for your personal growth as a believer. The next step is Begin Again. The focus here is healing and recovery. Each of us carry wounds from the past that lock us into behaviors that keep us stuck. Begin Again opens the door for God's healing touch to come into our lives get us unstuck. Step three is our leadership track. Once your healing process has begun, you now need to be equipped to become a person of influence. Lastly, our daily devotions and bible school will help you to continue to grow!

training center

We have four areas as of now that you can enroll in.

  • Membership class

    There are six sessions that you have to listen to before meeting with on staff to talk about your desire.

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  • Begin Again

    Begin Again is a recovery program we have developed over the last 25 years to help people both process and grow from their past. Begin Again 1 consist of thirteen sessions which can be found on the following link. But while viewing the sessions on your own, it's not enough. Complete recovery requires community, relationships that can come around you and both support and walk with you through your healing process.

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  • leadership training

    We believe everybody is a leader... a person of influence... whether it'z in a small group or large. In the Vineyard, the more responsibility you have, the more leadership training is needed. We have four levels here, and you only need to go through what is required of you. But certainly, you are free to go through all of them if you desire. 

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  • art of Parenting

  • kARATE

    We have classes every Tuesday and Thursday. 4:00 for our advance belts and 5:00 for our lower belts. Within this site, you have access to all open handed forms, weapon forms, one step sparring, and examples of original one step and self defense counters.

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  • 30 Day bible challenge

    We are building a one year long program that is both a devotional program, as well as giving the basic understanding of every book in the bible and how they all fit together.

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