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Common Questions & Answers

How old must my child be to start class? 6

Do you train adults as well? Yes!

How much does it cost?

Monthly fees is $35.00

•Adding a second person within the same family is $15.00 .

For every other student after that is $10.00

•Your other option is to pay $5.00 per student per class

•They will have to purchase a Uniform which they need before they test… 45.00

•Testing every three months in Silver Bay during class

•Once they past their first test, they will start training in sparring. They will need to purchase sparring gear which runs about 110.00 for boys and 100.00 for girls. Boys have one added piece of equipment.

When is my fee due? 1st of the month

How many color belts are there?

White, yellow, orange, blue, green, purple, brown, red and black. To move from one color belt to another requires six months. A successful test at any color is recognized by striping the belt. This is true with all the belts except white.

How long does it take to become a black belt?

Assuming that a person past every test and there is no break in their training, and they spend a minimum of 6 months training at a red stripe level… they could get their black belt in 3 and half years.

How many classes must I attend to be able to test for my next level? 15

How do we know class is canceled because of weather?

We follow the lead of the public schools. If they canceled school… class is canceled.

Is there class on Holidays?

Once again we follow the public schools lead. If they don’t have class because of a holiday… neither do we.

How high of a rank can they achieve in this class?

Since I am a third degree black belt… I can train and certify people to their 2nd degree black belt.

Can a person fail a test?

Yes! This is why I don’t send people down to test unless I am personally convinced that they will past their test.

Why are there different color uniforms?

White uniform indicates a normal student. Blue uniform indicates a student teacher. Black uniform without red stripes indicates assistant teacher. Black uniform with red stripes or while uniform indicates a fully credentialed teacher.

Is there a difference between a adult black belt and a youth black belt and Junior Black Belt? Yes

We actually have a division of black belts for children under 12 called Junior Blacke belts. Then we have a divsion for youth under 18, both of these divisions have far less requirements to fulfill. Then as they continue to learn all the requirements of an adult black belt… . they can test up to gain their adult. There is also a huge difference between youth black belt and adult backbelt when it comes to both intensity and skill level. As you get close to testing for your black belt… we will talk about the differences between youth and adult requirements.

How does one advance in black belt degrees?

The rule of the thumb is… what ever rank you are working towards… requires an equal or greater amount of years. For example, for a first degree black belt to advance to a 2nd degree black belt… requires a minimum of 2 more years of training. For a second degree black belt advancing to a third degree black belt… will take an additional three years of training… and so on.

What does a black belt test consist of?

They will have to test before 3 to 7 other black belts. Youth may test as a group while adults test alone. Each test will run 2 to 3 hours. This should tell you that this really is an endurance test. You will be required to perform everything you have learned since you started as a while belt.

First you must write a one page paper describing your philosophy of martial arts. Then you will perform all the basic skills you have learned over the last four years… including reacting skills and advance kicks. You will have to perform 10 open handed forms and one weapons form. You will have to demonstrate all 24 one-step procedures. On top of that you will have to create 6 of your own one-steps and 6 self defense moves. You then will be given an oral examination where your testers will ask you to explain anything you have tested on. Lastly, you will have to spar most if not all your testers.

What about tournaments?

There are at least two tournaments in the area every year and they cost 30.00 for your first event and 5 to 10.00 for added events.

What about weapon training?

Weapon training is optional on request

Nun chuks are 10.00 plus training fee

Bow staff are 30.00. plus training fee

Do you teach eastern philosophy along with martial arts?

No! We focus on growing in character and training our bodies.

Why are you teaching this Class?

To help combat the mentality that growing up in a small town ensures our kids will fall prey to the drug/alcohol culture. Growing up in a small town myself… I understand how lack of opportunities to experience life on a broader scale leads to issues of boredom… which without a strong sense of self discipline and purpose and peer support… can lead someone to experiment with drugs and alcohol.

I feel that by teaching kids about honor, respect, and self discipline… and by creating for them a sub-culture made up of like minded kids… they will be better equipped to deal with peer group pressure to do drugs or drink as they get older.

Since this is associated with a church, does one have to join the church to participate?

Absolutely not! This is a service provided to anyone regardless of their background or religious preference.

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